quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016

CROM: Retorno é mais que uma realidade! Metalmedia

CROM: Return is more than a reality!

After hibernating for two decades, the CROM again and again decided to stay and mark the time his name in the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal.

Thirsty music, the group released not one, but two EPs last year and received due recognition by both parties of 'We Are Steel'. Recognition that this firm now with the work cited among the best 2015 releases.

'We Are Steel' was cited as one of the best releases by Arena Metal site editor, Hugo Veikon (http://goo.gl/7JWAfg), and was also named best EP of 2015 readers' poll of HeavynRoll site ( http://goo.gl/VSmkhT). But recognition was not restricted to Brazil, the portal Headbangers Latinoamerica put the work as one of the EPs of the year in Latin America (http://goo.gl/VSmkhT).

ACCESS / ACESSE: http://metalmedia.com.br/newspress_br/?p=30015

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